Spang Power Electronics Announces the Successful Installation and Commissioning of a Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Reactor Power Supply Retrofit Utilizing its 950 Series Digital Power Controller at Renewable Energy Corporation (REC).

REC Silicon is an operating division of REC which produces solar grade silicon, electronic grade silicon, and silane gas. It is a leading global player in the production of high purity silicon materials with 25 years of polysilicon manufacturing expertise.

REC’s engineering and management team proactively planned to replace aging and outdated power control circuitry. The solution had to minimize costs by reusing the fundamental power components, interface seamlessly into the existing process control system, be highly reliable and application proven as well as be field installable.

The team selected Spang after considering several options and meeting with domestic and international power supply companies. The decision was based upon Spang’s strength in polysilicon applications, the advanced technology of its 950 Series controller, and its ability to engineer a retrofit design for the critical power controls on existing CVD reactors at a competitive price. The Spang and REC engineering teams worked closely together from initial budgeting to detailed design, installation, and successful startup on a production reactor.

The flexibility and configurability of the 950 Series control platform allowed REC to replace only the obsolete components in the existing equipment without modifying their process control system or losing any system functionality. In total, Spang provided the retrofit design, 950 Series power controller hardware, automation equipment, field installation, startup commissioning, and training to REC Silicon in Butte, Montana for a “SIEMENS style” reactor.

REC’s management team met their business objectives and now has a proven retrofit solution which increases production through more reliable operation. The team has the flexibility to proactively plan future retrofits based on production demands instead of reacting to failures of obsolete equipment.

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