1050 Nano Power Controllers

Spang Power Electronics has expanded its compact product offering to include a low current, din-rail mountable digital SCR power controller, the 1050 Nano. The 1050 Series digital SCR controller family has been designed to deliver incredible features like temperature regulation at an affordable price to the industrial heating market. The 1050 Series SCR power controllers are loaded with unique, value-engineered features and functionality for custom systems installation, integration, or retrofit.

The 1050 Nano SCR power controller key feature sets include:

  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Blown fuse annunciation
  • Dual port, daisy-chain Ethernet capability
  • “Book shelf style” packaging
  • Direct temperature control – (2) standard T/C inputs
  • Color touch screen for display interface
  • Built-in high speed network capability
  • Integrated I²T fuse within touch proof package
  • Single display capability for multiple controllers
  • Web browser, product hosted, configuration tool
  • Micro SD memory card for configuration file storage

The design features of the 1050 Series digital SCR power controllers allow our customers to implement higher density installations, reduce system components, and manipulate process data in real time with this easily configurable package.

1050 Nano Products