Drive Products and Systems


Spang engineers focus on incorporating state-of-the-art microprocessor-based technology into custom-designed digital drives while offering customer focus and application expertise. This experience includes specialty AC (V / Hz and vector), DC (SCR and chopper), and brushless drives for OEM applications, from fractional to 100 HP, many of which involve:

  • Shock, Vibration or Special Ambient Temperatures
  • Special Voltages (including battery power sources)
  • Custom Software
  • Network Communications
  • Custom Enclosures


Spang Power Electronics designs AC and DC drive systems for process control of equipment used in the manufacturing and processing of metals, plastic, paper, fibers, and film. Projects range from plant modernization to large, multi-million-dollar plant expansions.

Drive control systems offer:

  • Specialists in speed, tension and winder control.
  • Continuous and non-continuous web processing applications.
  • Integrated DC, AC vector or servo drive controls.
  • Coordinated online and offline AC motor, machine & process control.
  • Total project management through all phases of design, build, test and line commissioning. Fully automated or manual control.
  • New equipment or modernizations.