Distributed Anode Control (DAC) at General Motors – Lake Orion

Spang Power Electronics, an innovator and industry leader in automotive electro-coat power control and conversion technology, has successfully completed the supply and commissioning of a new Distributed Anode Control (DAC) power supply system at GM’s Lake Orion plant in Michigan.

The GM evaluation team in conjunction with Gallagher Kaiser the project OEM, chose Spang Power Electronics after considering several technology options presented by domestic and international power supply companies. The decision was based upon Spang’s strength in automotive electro-coat applications, the advanced technology of Spang’s 950 Series control platform, and Spang’s ability to provide the engineering necessary to integrate critical power controls into the plant’s higher level Distributed Control System (DCS). Spang and the GM / Gallagher Kaiser Engineering teams worked closely together from initial budgeting to detailed design, installation, and successful startup of the Electro-coat Paint Operation (ELPO).

The DAC solution provides operational flexibility by precisely directing power for the application of paint to car bodies of varying types and sizes. This is made possible by the seamless control of multiple networked rectifier modules from the plant’s supervisory control system. Special considerations were given to integrating the DAC power control system with the plant’s safety systems and maintaining high production reliability.

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